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Configuring SRLinux Nodes in a 3-Tier Data Center Fabric – Part I

We built a 3-tier data center network with containerized SRLinux nodes in our Linux machine in the earlier post. In this one, we’ll configure those nodes to get a fully connected data center fabric network. If you prefer, you can watch the video that I went through this post and implement the steps from topContinue reading “Configuring SRLinux Nodes in a 3-Tier Data Center Fabric – Part I”

Building Your Own Data Center Fabric with Containerlab

The containerlab is a tool that you can create your own topologies with the nodes that have containerized network operating systems(NOS) such as cEOS, SRLinux, cRPD etc. . In this post, we’ll see how the containerlab builds a datacenter fabric network with the containerized Nokia SRLinux nodes. You’ll also find the requirements and how toContinue reading “Building Your Own Data Center Fabric with Containerlab”

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